Here at Life Church, we have lots of opportunities for you and your family to get involved! From your youngest to your oldest, everyone has a place here! Please click on the ministry you are interested in below to find out more!

Life Kids

Life Kids is for children ages 7-12. They meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30!

Life Kids Jr.

Life Kids Jr. is for children ages 3-6. They meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30!

Bazooka Boys

Bazooka Boys is our Boy’s Club class that meets on Wednesday nights at 7. This is for boys ages 7-12.

MPact Ministries

Our MPact Ministry includes all of our Girl’s Clubs, and our Rainbows class! This includes our Daisies, Prims, and Stars! 


TRIBE Student Ministries

TRIBE Student Ministries is our ever-growing teenage group. They meet every Wednesday night at 6:45! 

S.A.L.T Ministries

Our S.A.L.T Ministry, or Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, is our Senior Adult Ministry!

Convergence Recovery

Our new Convergence Recovery class is for anyone who has, or is currently dealing with any kind of addiction. This class is free of charge, and is open to anyone! They meet on Wednesday nights starting at 7pm. 

New Beginners

Our New Beginners class is for people new to Life Church, or people who are just starting out in their walk with Christ! They meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Life Church Chicks

Life Church Chicks is our women’s ministry here at Life Church. They an active group and community of Christian women who love to serve and fellowship! 

Iron Men

Iron Men is our men’s ministry here at Life Church. They are a community of Godly men who strive to help the community and build each other up. 


MidWeek is what we call our Wednesday night services! We have a multitude of ministries that meet every Wednesday night, including our Bazooka Boys, MPact Ministries, TRIBE Students, Convergence, and New Beginners! We also serve a free dinner every Wednesday night starting at 6pm!