Life Kids encompasses all of our Children’s Ministries here at Life Church! Our main Life Kids class meets on Sunday’s at 10:45, as well as our Life Kids Jr. class. The rest of our children’s discipleship classes meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00. 

Life Kids is a dynamic ministry, focused on delivering the Gospel to children all the way up to age 12. Our team of leaders is dedicated to teaching and discipling your child, so that they can grow in their relationship with Christ. It is our belief that children are NOT the church of tomorrow, but the church of TODAY. We teach children to walk in the power and authority they have through the Holy Spirit. 

Life Kids Jr. is for our children ages 3 to 5. This class meets on Sunday morning’s in our Life Center. We strive at even this age to instill Biblical truths to every child, and to teach children about the love of Jesus. This class is focused on using the five senses to teach children, so that they will carry these truths with them into their later years. 

Our Mpact Girls Clubs meet every Wednesday night at during our MidWeek service. These classes are for all of our girls, and include our Stars class, Rainbows, and Prims. These classes are focused on teaching our young girls how to grow into young women of God, in a world that is trying to teach them to be anything else. Our team of Girl’s Club teachers are dedicated to teaching your girls biblical truths in a safe and fun environment. 

Bazooka Boys! is our boy’s class that meets every Wednesday night during our MidWeek service. Our team of men are wholly dedicated to teaching our young boys how to be strong Men of God. They are taught biblical truths in a safe and fun environment that encourages creativity and learning. 

Our nursery at Life Church is available every service, for our children from infants to 3 years old. Our nursery workers have years of experience with toddlers and infants, and we can ensure your child is in safe hands while you enjoy each service! 


Our Children’s Department is dedicated to keeping your child safe. We utilize a Check-In/Check-Out system to make sure your child is where they are supposed to be, and they are safe from the time the enter the building, until they leave. We also have a professional security team on campus during every service. 


Parents, as you bring your child into the Life Center for Sunday or Wednesday night classes, you MUST sign your child in. This is how we make sure we know who is supposed to be in the building, and it keeps our security team informed. Only adults who are at least 18 years may check a child in, or out. Also note, whoever signs the child in MUST sign the child out. Thank you for your support and keeping your children safe!